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drinks yearbook 2012

channel featured seven instructional videos of “how to best mix” Midori cocktails developed by Midori’s global brand ambassador Manuel Terron. Thirsty Camel bottleshops launched a competition in NSW, VIC and Tasmania called the ‘Esky of Cash’, which saw three jackpot cash draws of $5K, $10K and $20K won every Wednesday, or ‘Hump Day’, beginning 31 October with winners announced on Channel 10 from 8:30pm on Wednesdays. Yalumba unvelied a new marketing campaign for its popular Y Series collection. The campaign, which consisted of television and cinema advertisements, was focused on driving brand Y and label recognition, with the creative executions removing the letter Y from key words, before replacing it with the Y Series cap. Raymondo Donato from Melbourne’s The Croft Institute took the title of Cocktail Connoisseur – a Club 108 | drinks yearbook Suntory event – with his ‘Wolfenbüttel Sour’, a medley of Jägermeister, orgeat syrup and lemon juice, garnished with mint sprigs and fresh berries. Raymondo triumphed over the 550 other entrants in the competition that required cocktails to feature at least 45ml of any Suntory product. He won a trip to Japan, visiting the best bars in the city and $1000 to spend at his leisure. Fanta targeted the teen market with their Unbottle the Fun campaign, “calling on Aussie teens to add a bit of spontaneity to their everyday lives through a series of tongue- in-cheek ‘Funstigator’ challenges”.
 The interactive campaign involved a smartphone and Facebook app for users to earn points through challenges and compete for prizes.
 Campari kicked off a new brand campaign for Wild Turkey Bourbon in November, saluting and celebrating prominent men throughout history who “stepped up”. The campaign was designed to ignite a universal desire for all blokes to “have a go”. Matilda Bay kicked off an unlikely outdoor press campaign in November, flogging its Dirty Granny Cider, which featured two elderly men who appear to be astonished by the award-winning cider. Wine courses experienced an increase in off-premise attendees over the past few years, reportedly because retailers have a clear career pathway and also the huge numbers of imports require a step-up in knowledge. The Bundaberg Rum Distilling Company, famous for its creative campaigns, unveiled its new above the line campaign in October that provided an insightful look back into the birth of Bundaberg Rum and its proud history in Australia. The multi-channel campaign, which attracted over 10,000 YouTube views in its first week, tells the story of the ‘genius’ group of sugar

drinks yearbook 2012
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